Engineered to excite!!

The new Focus ST has been developed to satisfy enthusiasts who demand an exhilarating driving experience. The enhancements to powertrain, suspension, steering and electronic control systems engineered by the Ford Performance Team deliver a sophisticated balance of uncompromising performance, dynamic agility and refinement.

Enjoy the exhilarating sound of a true performance engine.

From your position in the driver’s seat, you can fully enjoy the thrilling sound of the Focus ST’s engine. That’s because it has a specially tuned sound symposer, which increases the sound you hear in the exhaust pipes when you accelerate hard. The sound level is controlled so you’ll hear a sporty engine noise when you put your foot down, but enjoy a quite cabin the rest of the time.

Extra gauges to monitor the engine performance

The Focus ST has a cluster of three additional gauges at the top of the instrument panel. They enable you to monitor the engine more precisely, showing the Turbo boost up to 1.8 Bar, the oil temperature and oil pressure.

Unique grille shutter for improved aerodynamics

With the Active Grille Shutter system, the front grille vent stays open to cool the engine when you’re driving slowly, but automatically closes when you pick up speed. The closed position improves aerodynamics, which also increases fuel economy.

A more sophisticated kind of excitement

Thanks to cutting edge performance-enhancing features, the new Focus ST can deliver thrills on request. But this car is as sophisticated as it is exhilarating. Advanced technology keeps you connected to the world outside and makes every day driving feel refined and comfortable.

Maximum grip around corners

Enhanced Torque Vectoring Control (eTVC) offers the control and agility of a state-of-the-art Torque Vectoring Control system and more. This advanced technology reacts to the road surface 100 times per second. It repeatedly balances the amount of power and braking delivered to each of the two front wheels to maximise grip and sharpen handling, powering you around corners and over undulations in the road.

Sharper handling with unique suspension tuning

The Focus ST’s front and rear suspensions have both been stiffened, delivering outstanding agility and improved grip around corners. The handling feels ultra-sharp and precise, but without compromising comfort. All in all, you’ll enjoy a fun, exciting drive, while remaining in absolute control of the car.