Effortless control

With smart technology, Focus does more than make life easier. It puts the world at your fingertips.

Perfect parking

Imagine perfect parallel parking without your hands ever touching the steering wheel. Enhanced Active Park Assist1 not only helps you find the right parking space, but also steers you in, hands-free. All you have to do is operate the accelerator, brake and gears.

Just say the word

SYNC® does the rest. With Ford SYNC® voice control, you can control your music as well as make and take calls on your mobile, using simple, direct voice commands. SYNC® will even read out loud the text messages sent to your mobile, which means you can focus all your attention on just driving.

We’ve got your back

Put your Focus into reverse, and the rear-view camera1 turns on automatically, helping you to see objects behind you, while the beep of the rear parking sensors can tell you how close you are. The system also displays a guidance graphic in the navigation screen, helping to make reversing safer and easier. What’s more, front parking sensors1 ensure your whole vehicle is protected.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning1 is designed to recognise when you approach the road markings without using the indicator, and alerts you with vibrations through the steering wheel. Lane Departure Warning is designed to apply steering torque back towards the lane you were in to help you recognise that corrective action is required. Operates at speeds over 65km/h on multi-lane roads with clearly visible lane markings.

Climate control

Can’t agree on the perfect temperature? No problem. Dual-zone climate control2 allows you and your front seat passenger to choose individual temperature settings. So everyone rides in comfort.