Innovative Technology

Available SYNC®3 Connectivity System

SYNC®31 is a fully integrated, voice activation system that lets you use your favourite devices while your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes stay on the road. Sync your phone to call your friends, play your favourite music, and stay on track with the integrated Satellite Navigation1 System. Seamless integration via programs like Applink 3.0, Apple Car Play and Android Auto allow you choice on how to remain connected to your world. Equipped with a customisable 8” Colour LCD capacitive Touch Screen; SYNC®3 is quicker and more responsive than ever before.


Phone Calls


Phone Calls



Climate Control

Information screens2

As well as the 8-inch touchscreen, SYNC™33  works with two 4.2-inch LCD screens in your instrument panel  4. The right-side screen displays SYNC™3  1 information, such as phone and music settings, while the left-side screen displays vehicle information, such as fuel economy, which you can scroll and select using the steering wheel buttons.

Media Hub4

Four outlets give you plenty of options to play, watch and view music, videos and photos on your SYNC1 touchscreen. Two USB outlets, and one RCA outlet let you check photos or videos on the spot, without returning to the office or home. You can also charge and play more than one USB device, while you drive.

Rear View Camera 2 and Sensors

Parking couldn’t be easier, even in crowded cities. From your higher seating, the rear view camera gives you a clear vision of what’s behind you, while front5 and rear6 parking sensors help you park with confidence.

Adaptive Cruise Control7 with Collision Warning Alert7

Forget having to turn your cruise control on and off as traffic conditions change. If traffic slows in front of you, Adaptive Cruise Control automatically slows to maintain a safe distance. Once traffic clears, it returns to your cruising speed. If the system detects the potential for a collision up ahead, it will flash a red warning signal on your windscreen and pre-charge your brakes, ready to stop quickly

Adjustable Speed Limiter

With a powerful engine under your foot and a city full of speed limits, Ranger’s Speed Limiter keeps you on the right side of the law – and speeding fines. Simply set your maximum speed and your speed will stay safe from going over the limit. Should you need more speed to get out of a tight situation, just press the accelerator flat.

20+ storage spaces

With 20+ storage spaces in the new Ranger, there’s room for everything. Enjoy a laptop-sized glovebox, front and rear door pockets, a mobile phone holder, sunglasses holder, key tray, under seat storage, seatback pockets, and more.

Automatic wipers 6 and headlamps

Concentrate on the road, and not on adjusting controls, especially in bad weather. Rain-sensing wipers turn on as soon as they detect rain, and automatically adjust their speed to match the heaviness of the downpour. Auto headlamps also come on automatically when there’s not enough ambient light. What could be easier?

Tyre Pressure Monitor7

When your tyre pressure isn’t right it can compromise safety and fuel economy. The Ranger constantly monitors each tyre’s pressure and lets you know which ones need air, and when. Easy.