Stay in tune with your city.

Make calls, listen to text messages and play your favourite tunes, all while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. It’s just one of the ways the Ford EcoSport helps to make life easier.

Integrate your smartphone with SYNC®31 for hands-free control of your favourite apps via Apple CarPlay2, Android Auto3 or Applink.® The 8-inch touchscreen4 on Titanium is smarter than ever, with integrated satellite navigation5 and intuitive smartphone-like actions, like swipe control and pinch-to-zoom.


When daylight starts to fade, EcoSport Titanium’s
headlamps automatically turn on and shine so you
never lose sight of where you’re going.

Rain-Sensing Wipers6

Be it drizzle, light showers or torrential rain, EcoSport Titanium’s windscreen wipers will turn on automatically so you can see the road ahead more clearly.

Rear parking sensors

With the new EcoSport, you won’t have to pass by those challenging parking spaces. An audible warning helps you safely judge the distance between your vehicle and obstacles. This safety feature will assist the driver while reversing and parking.

Keyless Start7

Designed to make every day a little simpler, the new EcoSport has convenience covered. Press the push-start button to start the engine and you’re away.


MyKey technology lets you program individual keys so that two members of a household can share a car, yet have personalized settings take effect when they use their unique keys. MyKey lets you designate a key to operate unique features, such as restricting the vehicle’s top speed to 105, 113, 121 or 135 km/h and limiting the entertainment system’s audio to under 45% of maximum volume. It also provides a warning when the fuel tank reaches 120 kilometres to empty, allows owners to select speed alert chimes at 75, 90 or 105 km/h, and sets the Belt-Minder™ to chime, while muting the audio system, until the safety belt is buckled.

Climate Control

Automated climate control airconditioning on Titanium allows you to set the perfect cabin temperature.