Drive out to the outdoors

So when adventure calls, Kuga gives you the confidence to say “Let’s go!”. In addition to seven airbags, the Kuga offers real adventure.

Airbags all-round.

The Kuga’s system of next generation airbags surrounds you and your family with extra levels of protection. In the front seat, there are driver and passenger airbags and seat-mounted side airbags. There’s even one for the driver’s knees. Side-curtain airbags provide protection for people in the front and the back. Which is good for your peace of mind. So is Kuga’s 4-star safety rating

Features that look out for you.

When you drive a Kuga, you’re supported by features that help you stay safer. In fast traffic, slow traffic, and around corners.

Adaptive cruise control

Cruise Control is great on the open road. But, even here, you can find traffic. So instead of having to turn Cruise Control on and off, the Kuga adapts. If it senses traffic is slowing, it slows. When the traffic clears, it goes back to your pre-set speed

BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)1

It’s a small thing but a very important one. Indicator lights in the side mirrors let you know when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot when changing lanes. So you can see what you can’t see.

Active City Stop1

When traffic is crawling along, it can be easy to miss someone suddenly stopping up front. In speeds of up to 50km/h, Enhanced Active City Stop can detect if the car in front has unexpectedly stopped and automatically apply the brakes if you don’t.

Lane Keeping Aid1

You probably don’t ever mean to drift into the next lane. But don’t worry. As soon as you do, your steering wheel will vibrate to alert you and steering torque will automatically direct your Kuga back into your lane.

AdvanceTrac® with RSC® and Curve Control.

These three complementary features combine to offer traction and control in changing conditions